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There are no plans to eliminate or significantly change the IOF website with respect to the transition. There will be minor branding updates and updates to links pointing to policies, membership forms, etc.

Operating under OAGi only requires one tool change and that is to create meeting agendas and store the minutes in Confluence (wiki). IOF participants can continue to use Slack, GitHub, and other tools, services, and resources to continue to be productive. Over time, the TOB will work with working groups to migrate Google Docs content to Confluence or other tools/services.

For antitrust reasons it is important that our meetings are conducted with agendas issued in advance of every meeting and minutes taken for every meeting to include a list of who was present. OAGi requires agendas and minutes to be maintained in Confluence as a way to centralize their management, ensure that all have access (or can get access), and that everyone is confident that they have the latest version.

No, although you are welcome to do so. The wiki supports attachments to pages, so no conversion would be required.

Confluence is a powerful tool, but the features applicable to meeting agenda and minutes creation and management are limited in number and intuitive. OAGi has conducted several training sessions and would be happy to offer more.

Many of our aerospace and defense participant companies do not permit access to Google Docs from their corporate networks. This negatively impacts the ability to contribute for participants from these companies. Additionally, some of them are not able to receive email notifications generated by Google-related services (e.g., Google Groups).

The transition will be a cutover. Why? The reason is that it needs to be clear whether a working group is operating as an OAGi working group or not. If operating as an OAGi working group, then the working group participants are limited to participants from companies who have joined OAGi, and in doing so, agreed to its policies and procedures. It is critical that OAGi has the intellectual property rights required to publish IOF artifacts according to a license that implementers regard as credible and compatible with their implementation plans.