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1 For organizations. No membership fee initially and for at least several months. OAGi / IOF refers to the IOF as an OAGi organizational unit and an OAGi membership type.

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3 For employees of OAGi / IOF member organization sign up to participate in any IOF working group the organization has joined)

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Other key resources

  1. 2022-05-06 IOF General Meeting Presentations (PDF)

  2. IOF Member and Working Group Member Lists

  3. IOF GitHub Repositories




  7. Membership dues will be on hold for a while. This is what the Governance Board was thinking in June 2020: Draft membership dues (xls)

  8. Confluence (wiki) use

    1. Video: Confluence and Jira overview (7 min)

    2. Video: Creating an agenda in Confluence - cut-and-paste method (3 min) (easiest for most people)

  9. Confluence (wiki) account signup form (not necessary for those who have submitted the

Intellectual Property Release

This applies to people who have contributed certain types of content to the current IOF body of work. Todd and Dimitris, in their roles as Technical Oversight Board vice chairs, have contacted applicable people. (This does not apply to future work, which is addressed by the OAGi Patent Policy.